The prices are not right


To the Editor:

One $20 cheeseburger, one $5 lemonade, one $2 game at the arcade, and one $4 ride on the Flying Horses costs one kid $31! Just a few years ago a kid could have had that much fun for about $10.

COVID jacked up all the prices, and then they stuck. I can afford a $20 burger, but I refuse to buy one. 

The extremely wealthy family of six will dish out $150 for six cheeseburgers and six lemonades without blinking an eye. These types of excessive expenditures have become the norm for them, and in the law of supply and demand, this behavior of the extremely wealthy is one of the main factors that these insane prices persist.

Can we expect that the extremely wealthy will boycott overly high prices for the good of us all? Biden might, but Trump and his extremely wealthy supporters definitely would not. The irony is that a large portion of Trump supporters can’t even afford a $20 cheeseburger. Lord only knows how they afford $40 red MAGA baseball Trump hats for the entire family!


Peter Pfluger

Vineyard Haven