Good eats at Midnight Mediterranean

From hummus to harissa, try blending all the flavors available at this Oak Bluffs eatery.


We’ve been thinking of visiting Midnight Mediterranean by Jim’s Package Store in Oak Bluffs for a few weeks now. (If only I could spell Mediterranean food as easily as I eat it.) I’m wild about kabobs, hummus, tabouleh, and harissa, so I knew I’d be all in. Making my decision even easier last weekend was knowing I might be able to get a parking spot if I went at around 11:30 am. 

A cool ocean breeze was whipping up while we waited for our takeout order to arrive, and we did a little people-watching too. 

There were lots of things on the menu that I would’ve enjoyed trying, but with my family along, we had to compromise. We ordered a Harissa Chicken Gyro Bowl ($23), Hot Italian Sausage Gyro Bowl ($22), and Arugula and Fennel Salad ($16). My dream meal would’ve been Fluke Crudo, Fire Roasted Lamb Kabob, and Hot Italian Sausage on a Stick. The add-ons like feta, chili oil, pickled onion, hummus, house tzatziki, and confit garlic are plentiful, but we like to stick to a budget, and found we really didn’t need them. (When I sneak out on my own, I plan to try quite a few of those.)

The serving bowls were plenty big for each of us, but as usual, we split everything so that we each got to taste everything. My favorite was the Harissa Chicken Gyro Bowl, which of course was everyone else’s favorite too. We’ve got some of the Italian sausage bowl left over, and I’m curious as to whether it will still be there when I get home from work today. I’m not going to place a wager on it. Both bowls had some type of sauce over the top, and that was very tasty, as was the little arugula salad that came with it. I’m a staunch supporter of my dinner choices not touching on my plate, so the fact that all of this ended up mixed together and I really enjoyed it is a positive sign in itself. 

The menu is posted outside and available inside, and my only regret was that they didn’t have the lemon olive oil cake I was looking forward to. I’m no quitter, though, so I’ll keep checking back with them. Midnight Mediterranean has that Oak Bluffs, walk-up-window vibe, and the food is a great grab-on-the-go option. 

Midnight Mediterranean, 6 Circuit Ave. Extension, Oak Bluffs. 508-338-7366. Opens at 11 am daily.