Moderate heat warning issued for the Vineyard

Colors map out level of heat risk over the next week: yellow is minor, orange is moderate, red is major. —National Weather Service

Temperatures are expected to rise, as are humidity levels, over the next week across the state, prompting the Massachusetts Bureau of Climate and Environmental Health to issue an extreme heat alert.

While temperatures will be highest within the interior of New England, the Vineyard still lies within the “moderate risk category,” according to Alexa Arieta, a health agent from the Oak Bluffs health department.

The Martha’s Vineyard Boards of Health issued a notice to the public on Monday, warning of the heat.

Bryce Williams, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said temperatures are forecast to reach the low to mid-80s on the Island. But the primary concern is the humidity. 

“The main thing is the increase in humidity, which will make it hard for people to cool off,” said Williams. “And it won’t cool down much at night, either.”

High 60s and low 70s are the lowest temperatures expected, he said. 

The temperature pattern is expected to continue throughout the week, and into the weekend. 

Periods of high temperatures like this are not unusual on the Island, according to Williams. About two summers ago, more frequent heat waves were the result of a hotter, drier climate. 

What’s more unusual about this year’s summer climate is the humidity that won’t let up. “We don’t often get really humid air sticking around for longer than a week,” said Williams. 

The Martha’s Vineyard Boards of Health note that when it comes to particularly vulnerable populations, pregnant people, anyone under the age of 5 or over the age of 65, and people working or exercising outdoors are most at risk. 

Although local cooling centers aren’t set up on the Island, Arieta recommends staying hydrated, planning outdoor activities for morning or evening hours when temperatures are slightly cooler, and making sure to stay in the shade. 

It’s also important to remember to never leave pets in vehicles or outdoors for extended periods of time, she said. 

In the case that an individual does need help, indication of heat stroke includes a body temperature of 103°F or higher, cramps, rash or nausea, according to Dr. Karen Casper, Emergency Department Medical Director at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. 

“When it is hot and humid, it’s hard for your body to cool down during exercise,” said Casper. She advises to use good judgment when it comes to people exerting themselves or spending extended periods of time outside. 


  1. Temperatures in the 80’s in July!! Say it ain’t so. We’ll never survive. Look what we’ve done to our planet!!!

  2. I lived in Indonesia Singapore and Malaysia in early 70”s when it’s in 90”s all day and high humidity. I think I survived. Of course we were anticipating global cooling in those days so our hopes were up.

    • Only fools believed right wing climate denier’s lies that the
      scientific community was anticipating global cooling.
      They never did. Of course the modern day deniers and liars
      take the time to make and post fake Time magazine covers to convince
      idiots that that was the case in the 70’s .
      Here is side by side the real cover, and the fake cover.;_ylt=AwrhcVWHvI1meCQAZ5IPxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZANUQVlIU0NfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw–?p=fake+cover+of+time+magazine+global+cooling&type=type80271-1069898077&param1=2173132479&hsimp=yhs-002&hspart=sz&ei=UTF-8&fr=yhs-sz-002#id=2&
      Now of coures, the deniers don’t care if they lie or not. Sort of like
      their lying fuehrer, who had a fake Time magazine cover of him
      on the cover hanging in his hotel.
      And need I even mention that his campaign propogandist photoshopped
      him on yet another fake Time cover replacing Gretta with thump.
      How low can you go ?
      But I know, lies don’t matter to people who are immoral and willfully

      And I wonder, andy, if you
      actually thought the scientific community was predicting global
      cooling, why did you believe them ? After all, this is the same scientific
      community that has a 98 % consensus that the 100% certainty that the
      earth is warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
      Of course, you could make up something and just straight up
      lie here to counter my argument. We know the moderator will let you lie all you want.
      They have already let you lie hundreds of time here.
      Go for it– The moderat0or will allow lies, and I can debunk them .
      I have to admit, I like calling you out on your numerous
      lies. Nothing personal of course, I just have this thing
      about people lying.
      I might have gotten that from my Catholic upbringing
      The 9th commandment is “though shalt not lie”
      But I guess that one has been modified to include
      “unless the lie reinforces your opinion”

  3. John — So the Massachusetts Bureau of Climate and Environmental Health
    issues an extreme heat alert to most of Ma. and a moderate alert for the
    Vineyard. The article gives some good advice. especially for the vulnerable.
    And you mock them. Why do you do that ?

    Is it because you could not care less about the health of vulnerable
    elderly people ? Given your callous disregard for the safety of vulnerable
    people during the pandemic, I would think that’s quite likely,
    Or, you may just be denying/deflecting/ displacing or using
    any other psychological defense mechanism to shield you
    from the harsh reality that you are wrong wrong wrong on every
    metric of the climate crisis.
    Perhaps you have no clue that heat kills more people than any other
    related weather event …. Perhaps you don’t care.
    Yes, it’s July on the Vineyard, and it’s in
    the 80’s .. It’s also July in India and it’s 127 degrees in Deli, 130
    degrees in parts of California, and record breaking temperatures
    in every region of the world
    So let me offer you some friendly advice, John.
    When the NHC issues a warning about a cat 5 hurricane hitting
    the Vineyard, why don’t you just mock the hurricane center,
    call it fake news, and go surfing. It’s not going to be anywhere
    near as bad as the NHC will ever say. Right ?

    • In what twisted view of reality did my comment reflect that I hated elderly people and want them to die?? As far as a CAT 5, well I’ll be catching a wave and sitting on top of the world!

      • I didn’t say that you hated elderly people and wanted them
        to die. I said that you care less about their health.
        This comes from your many comments trying to virtue
        signal about your freedom to not wear a mask during the pandemic.
        The reason we wore masks at that time was to protect others.
        Not wearing a mask put others at risk. Particularly the
        elderly and infirm. Am I wrong ?
        I don’t know if it was you, but one of the COVID deniers
        suggested that elderly and infirm people just stay home.
        Callous disregard for the health , freedom, and well being of

  4. John Axel makes a sarcastic comments and immediately he gets accused of callous disregard for the elderly and other attacks on his character. Is this the new censor guidelines for MVTimes? Keller does this to me and to Jackie and others. Please clean up MVTIMES.

    • Andy, they allow you to continue lying about whatever fits your narrative, so let’s call it even.

    • andy– excuse me if I correct you when you pull a lie out of your butt and post it here.
      And as far a Jackie goes– How many times has she called me an antisemite
      because I object to the policies of the Israeli GOVERNMENT.
      She was pointing the accusational finger at me long before I ever even described
      the military action in Gaza as riddled with war crimes and genocide.
      By the way, I learned from your psychopathic leader that it seems to
      resonate well with many so called “conservatives “to berate one’s intellectual
      opponents. At least I haven’t berated anyone for their appearance,
      or mocked anyone for their disabilities.
      How many times have you personally referred to me as a
      “mediocre carpenter”? You have no idea of the quality of the work that
      I do. Regardless of your opinion of my carpentry skills I am what i am.
      i don’t need to defend my carpentry skills any more than you need to defend your
      administrative skills as a CEO of a branch of a company (union carbide)
      that ultimately killed thousands of people as a result of the Bhopal chemical disaster. Or the Number one environmental superfund site in the US at the Reich farm in Toms River New Jersey. — Again, a union carbide induced environmental disaster.
      This case focused on childhood cancers–do you really care ? Old or young?
      You made money–
      I’ll take the label of “mediocre carpenter” over the label of “uncaring
      ceo of a company selling poison with disregard to the health of people
      living in Sh*****e countries. Or New Jersey for that matter ”

      Your company ( union carbide) killed tens of thousands
      of people and poisoned vast areas of the environment.
      My company built houses and various projects that as far as I know
      the owners were mostly happy with what i did.

      • Sam, continuing to allow Keller to get away with his offensive, Jew-hating, disgusting lies and personal attacks, says more about you than about him. It’s been this way for a while now. The Gazette has no problems with antisemitism, MVTimes does. And that’s thanks to you.

  5. I live in southern Nevada and we are getting a steady 116 degrees everyday. Yes, we are still alive. We get down to the mid 80’s at night!

    • andy–

      andy I don’t know where you get your “facts” from since you don’t post the source.
      but — I did look it up–
      Please show us something to back up your ass-ertion here.
      Please not some random nut case liar on some radical right wing site.
      But I would love to see it– and tear it apart for it’s lies.
      I have posted a reliable source here–
      please put your ASS-ertation back where it belongs.

      • Very nice, Sam. Why don’t you allow this liar to call everyone who disagrees with his lies, jackASS or ASShole? These comments that you allow are a reflection of a clASSless editor.

        • Jackie– Sam seems to be fine with a jackass
          calling someone a liar when they post actual
          factual information from a reputable source.
          And even allowing an a*****e to personally
          berate him.
          I think his tolerance works in your favor.

  6. Don,

    “Let me just say though, your use of the word ‘all’ does not include those who died . . .”

    Lou’s post doesn’t contain the word “all”. These weather-related deaths are alarming and tragic, without question, but I think you’re inferring subtext when it’s likely none was intended.

    “Listen twice as much as you speak”, while cliché, is sound advice. I generally review comments several times before replying because it’s too easy, especially at first glance, to misunderstand things online.

    Pouncing on commenters without reading thoroughly—or worse, simply for sport—has worn thin. It makes this forum less welcoming, and certainly less effective at getting ideas across. I find myself shying away from the Times because the dialogue has gone downhill. Wouldn’t be surprised if others feel the same.

    As for insisting that you don’t insult people based on judgmental or shallow criteria—I’m referring to the remarks you directed at Andrew (not Andy) above—you do it often. One example: You’re fond of writing, mockingly, in improper English/madly exaggerated colloquialisms, all in an effort to paint conservatives as stupid rubes who are, I suppose, beneath your level of sophistication.

    Surely you recall what I mean. The “garsh i are a dum feller that juss loves dese shotGuNs n bibbles” shtick that you assign to Republicans when you can’t defend liberalism on its merits. You recently said that the left has been accused of *alleged* snobbery. There’s nothing alleged about this tactic.

    It’s mean-spirited, it’s inaccurate, and I doubt it leaves the intended impression that Dems are superior. You demand a high degree of honesty, compassion, and respect from the rest of us, yet I don’t see those standards reflected in your own posts. Renders these discussions tedious.

    Case in point: No, you didn’t limit your scathing criticism to the Israeli government. It was explicitly and repeatedly aimed at Jewish folks as a group or at Jackie as an individual, phrased in the most prejudicial, derogatory way possible.

    The proof exists. Ignoring it doesn’t help. To claim you’ve been fair, even selective, in your treatment of Jews is like Trump claiming (hypothetically) that he’s been sparing with the self-tanner. Or like Biden claiming (alas, not hypothetically) that he had a bad night.

    • Katie– you have a good point that is well taken by me.
      But Jackie has repeatedly called me antisemitic.
      I take issue with that.
      I have never said anything personally about Jackie’s faith.
      I have never used any kind of ethnic slur directed at her.
      I have a few times thrown her words back at her.
      For example– I had no idea what blood libel was before
      she started talking about it in multiple comments.
      I never denied it was a real thing. I agreed it is horrible.
      But when a group of Israeli “settlers” in the West bank
      went into a Palestinian village a few months ago and burned
      it, sole their livestock and killed a few innocent people, because
      an Israeli child was missing, I mentioned it to her.
      She is obviously concerned about this kind of mob violence.
      Is it not blood libel if it happens to some community
      other than a Jewish community ? The hatred and the motivation seem
      the same to me.
      That’s not antisemitic. It’s just pointing out that it happens.
      And in this case by Jews.
      Is there some sort of taboo against condemning a crime
      if it’s perpetrated by a mob of a certain culture ?
      Or war crimes if they are committed by a certain government ?

      But thanks for the slap down. Sometimes I deserve it.

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