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How hard could it be to wrangle a skunk?

To Trap Skunks For A Day (Without Spending The Night In The Shed?)

A Mixed Media Night at the A Gallery

Plays, music, poetry, and the visual arts combined gracefully at A Gallery’s Cabaret Evening Saturday.

Got your goat?

Mares eat oats and does eat oats and goats eat grass at the library.

Read local: two Island love stories

Two new books wind Vineyard roots around the tangled web of love.

How hard could it be?

For two car-deficient broads to burn rubber on Beach Road?

Found treasures: Decorating with Thrift Shop goods

Decorating with Thrift-Shop Chic

‘Looking Back’: The answer to that persistent question, ‘What’s it like to live here...

“Looking Back,” by Shirley Mayhew, Music Street Press, 2014,In March of 1946, Shirley Mayhew, a West Tisbury resident for the past 65 years, met...

Read this! Cultivates literacy

Deb Dunn of the Charter School celebrates books

Geek is the new cool

Bill McGrath geeked tandem bicycling, Eric Balboni geeked Miranda Sings (you’ll find her on YouTube), a boyfriend and girlfriend geeked I geek you, 11-year-old bff’s Riley Wesson and Emily McKinney geeked bubblegum and, to everyone’s delight, a big white dog named Lady geeked squirrels.

A Haitian priest, a Vineyard filmmaker, and a city in ruins

A must-see movie, “Monsieur Le President,” will be screened at the M.V. Film Center in Vineyard Haven at 7:30 pm on August 12.In January...

How hard could it be to sing with opera stars?

I shook my head. 'I can’t sing.' 'Anybody can sing!' she chirped, offering to drive up to Pasadena weekly to give me lessons. After the first session, she plunked down the piano lid, and announced, 'You can’t sing!'

Folksinger Paul Clayton the 20th century Salieri to Bob Dylan’s ‘Amadeus’

Playwright Larry Mollin has opened a lost passageway for boomers, to a time that both liberated and frightened the stuffing out of us.If we’ll...

How hard could it be? Bouncing at the Island Bar and Grille

A Night In The Life of A Bar Bouncer

The just right house

'I especially wanted to live in a greenhouse,' she says... Indeed, everywhere one looks, tendrils and blossoms fill the air with spring fragrance. Originally she’d needed to prove she could grow fruits and vegetables indoors. 'For four years I had the most persistent tomato plants, big around as tree trunks. There were avocado branches pressed up against the skylight as if they had fists trying to break higher. It was crazy!'

Thar she blows! ‘The Whaleship Essex’ at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse

The world premiere of the story of a whale attacking a whaleship runs through July 12.

Cloak and Dagger Literary Society monthly at Oak Bluffs Library

Some people are born to be program directors specializing in mystery clubs at small town libraries. Really? Well, take a look at the career...

How hard could it be? Farming the fun way

Each time these frenzied critters resurfaced, they had dirt up to their eyeballs — a laugh out loud sight — but then, moments later, you’d glance at the begrimed baby pig again and, holy self-cleaning!, its face was restored to its original pinky luster.

Highly regarded Buddhist teacher to speak

A YouTube introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche inspires the viewer to think, “He looks so young!” at which point the realization hits,...

To be seen — scrumptiously — at Featherstone

An event is only allowed to call itself annual once it has occurred more than a single time, but the very first Garden Party...

Amelia Smith immerses herself in Regency England and an old mermaid fable

“Scandal’s Heiress” by Amelia Smith, Split Rock Books, 315 pages.“Eddystone Light” by Amelia Smith, Split Rock Books, 103 pages. Both available at Bunch of...