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Skunk cabbage

Do me a favor. Close your eyes. Picture a place you like on the Island where fresh water flows freely. Yes, I know, it’s still...

Homegrown: Making Dilly Beans on a fall day

I get out of the car, lean on my crutches, and scan my friend Martha’s garden. Even in late September the white rose snugging...

The ‘Julian Hill’ magnolia

This story was first published in the Martha’s Vineyard Times in 2011. Ms. Wainwright wrote recently to suggest we reprint it: The ‘Julian Hill’...

Fieldwork: Loving a difficult father

On my desk sits a faded color photograph of my father. Holding a slice of white bread, Dad reaches across Georgica Pond’s brackish water...

Lady’s slippers

Eager as any mushroom hunters, my friend, Debby Farber, and I tramp the moist May paths of Duarte’s Pond, Waskosim’s Rock, Cranberry Acres, and...

Domestic Disturbances: Empty Nest

Excerpted from “Home Bird: Four Seasons on Martha’s Vineyard,” published by Vineyard Stories. Today I spotted a bird’s nest in a thicket of briar on...

Gifts of Nature: Sea Glass

Excerpted from Home Bird: Four Seasons on Martha’s Vineyard, published by Vineyard Stories

Bay Scallops

Excerpted from the book Home Bird, published by Vineyard Stories

Estate Sale

Excerpted from the book “Home Bird”


Cranberry Day starts with a trail walk and ends with a pie

A walk in winter

Finally, I was alone at my desk, ready to write.

Storm and sky

A strong northeast wind blew across the Island just in time for Halloween, blasting away any illusions that Indian summer might linger.

Summer swimming

Wet bathing suits are back on the line, and we shower outside amid pale pink roses that tangle in my hair.

Bluebird box

A dozen bluebirds wintered over in the field next to our house.

Cranberries: From the bog to your table

While the season for most local fruit is done, you can still find fresh cranberries on market shelves, as the season typically runs April-November.

Applefest will support the West Tisbury Library expansion

The state's done its part, and the town will too, but now the public has to pitch in to make the West Tisbury library bigger, better.

Volunteering on Martha’s Vineyard is challenging, rewarding

Volunteering can be tricky business in some situations, but the payoff almost always makes it worth it.

Two fine striper treatments for Martha’s Vineyard fish lovers

Striped bass fillets tend to be tender and flaky, but how best to bring out their delicate flavor?

Foraging on Martha’s Vineyard – Do it gently

With so many of us gathering wild foods it's important that we forage with sensitivity "” mindful of how much we take and what our impact is.

Estate sale

I run through the tall grass to Cary's house next door to get a number from the auctioneer.