Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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A butterfly made for harsh Martha’s Vineyard habitat

The Edwards' hairstreak thrives in the inhospitable environment of the sterile, salty sandplains along the south side of the Island.

Hummingbirds extra plentiful on Martha’s Vineyard this year

Vineyard birders are enjoying a bonanza of hummingbirds this year, but there's no way to know why.

American ladies are beautiful and plentiful on Martha’s Vineyard

With the beginning of June and the end (one hopes) of this year's dismal spring weather, the butterfly season is in full swing on the Vineyard.

Ecological and profitable landscaping on Martha’s Vineyard

You'd probably welcome a thousand-acre conservation project on Martha's Vineyard that didn't cost anything. Impossible, right?

Bird species come and go on Martha’s Vineyard over time

A phrase like "the bird life of Martha's Vineyard" projects a certain grandeur and sense of permanence.

Avian dinner guests on Martha’s Vineyard.

Biologists have a set of terms to describe the various ways different species interact with each other.

Martha’s Vineyard birders look out for vagrant migrants

With spring migration building up steam, Vineyard birders likewise ramp up their birding.

How insects survive Martha’s Vineyard winters

If you think you're glad winter is over, imagine how insects feel.

Six tips to improve your natural link

Nearly everybody appreciates time spent in nature.

Waterfowl “” no size fits all

The process of evolution is infinitely creative; the diversity of wildlife, extant and extinct, never ceases to amaze me.

Spring’s on the way – birdsongs tell us so

For me, the most enjoyable sign of spring's approach is the gradual resurgence of birdsong on the Vineyard.

Below zero freezes up Martha’s Vineyard

Monday, January 24, dawned clear and cold, very cold.

Finches spice up winter birding on Martha’s Vineyard

The depth of winter is hardly prime birding season on the Vineyard, but this season is not without its consolations.

Christmas Bird Count reflects Island bird behavior

The 51st Vineyard Christmas Bird Count (CBC) took place on Sunday, January 2, with about two dozen Islanders and guests participating.

Soltice “” the invisible annual pivot point

Tuesdays lunar eclipse prefaced the solstice "” two powerful reminders that the earth keeps spinning in wonderful, mysterious ways.

Eastern screech-owls on Martha’s Vineyard

Matt Pelikan encourages Vineyarders to step outside on a still, cold night and listen. Chances are they'll hear a screech owl not too far off.

Tale of two oysters

Shellfish of any species ranks among my favorite foods, and oysters on the half-shell rank among my favorite shellfish.

Seeding the future

We're deep into seed season on the Vineyard.

Hawks – grace and ferocity combined

Fall is the prime season for birding on the Vineyard, and while October is generally past the peak of migration, it's our best month for viewing transient hawks.

Natural light shines on Martha’s Vineyard

With surprising regularity, guests at our house in Oak Bluffs walk out onto our deck at night, look up, and exclaim something like, "Wow! I've never seen the Milky Way before!" I don't know which impresses me more: The fact that our humble abode on the fringes of the O.