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Vineyard Gardens blends art with its flowers

One nursery on Martha's Vineyard likes its art outdoors with the flowers.

Noteworthy events on Martha’s Vineyard

Political comedian Scott Blakeman will perform at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury this Saturday, Sept.

Dogs parade through Ocean Park

Dogs marched their owners through Ocean Park last Sunday, Aug.

Summerland brings art and poetry to Lambert’s Cove

To celebrate a Japanese poetry form, Martha's Vineyard artists and poets displayed their work on the path to Lambert's Cove Beach.

Illumination Night and fireworks light up Martha’s Vineyard

It's the beginning of the end of another summer on Martha's Vineyard.

Salas and Stimola conclude Field Gallery series

Flowers and Vineyard landscapes will fill the walls of West Tisbury's Field Gallery from Sunday, Aug.

Noteworthy events on Martha’s Vineyard

The wooded trail between the parking lot and Lambert's Cove Beach will house an art and poetry installation for a week-long Martha's Vineyard Renga from August 17 to 25.

A successful first weekend for Built on Stilts on Martha’s Vineyard

After an entertaining first four shows, dance festival Built on Stilts will return to the Union Chapel this Saturday through Tuesday, Aug. 18-21.

Gossamer Gallery recalls Albert Alcalay, abstract expressionist

His family, who continues to summer on Martha's Vineyard after his 2008 death, will present his work in collaboration with Chilmark's Gossamer Gallery.

Chamber Music Society headlines musical collage and lecture

Preceding concerts later in the week, MVCMS will hold a free public lecture on "Creativity, Music and the Brain" this Sunday, Aug. 12.

Noteworthy events on Martha’s Vineyard

Hospice of M.V.'s Summer Soiree, the "Little Mermaid" ballet, Lenny Clarke at Flatbread Co., and more.

Celebrate dance at Martha’s Vineyard’s Built on Stilts

Built on Stilts, the Vineyard's homegrown dance festival, will celebrate its 16th anniversary in Oak Bluffs with shows on August 9-12 and 18-21.

Dive Bar raises money for Martha’s Vineyard youth football

Called The Helmet Drive, the benefit will donate proceeds to the Vineyard youth football program in order to provide new helmets.

Always entertaining Built on Stilts begins August 9

The Vineyard dance community will unite at the Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs from August 9 to 12 and 18 to 21 to celebrate the 16th year of Built on Stilts.

Second annual Martha’s Vineyard Fashion Week starts Sept. 17

Local designers, boutiques, and models will hit the runway at the second annual Martha's Vineyard Fashion Week, from Sept. 17-22.

A growing Vineyard trade: Filmmaking part II

Over the past decade, the art of filmmaking has increasingly revealed itself across the Island.

Art pops up in unusual places on Martha’s Vineyard

While Martha's Vineyard's galleries are the mainstay for most art, it appears in hotels, restaurants and music venues,too.

Martha’s Vineyard museum brings “Othello” to the screen

The Martha's Vineyard Museum will show the 1960s film "Othello" at the Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs at 7:30 pm.

Arts celebrated in Vineyard Haven

Last Sunday, July 29, Vineyard Haven's art community let loose for Celebrate the Arts, Vineyard Haven!

Walk for Animals to benefit the Martha’s Vineyard Animal Shelter

Pets, pet owners and walkers are urged to support the Animal Shelter of MV by joining the Walk for Animals fundraiser on October 6.