Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Ask the Dogfather: “Dominant” dogs

What happens when your pooch is pinned by an aggressive dog?

Ask the Dogfather: Leo the barker

Leo the bark, bark, barky dog

Ask the Dogfather: A new pal for Angus and Alby’s golden years

My little Cavalier King Charles thought he was in heaven before he actually got there. He passed with his tail wagging furiously as he was devouring a chocolate bar when he got the sleep shot.

Ask the Dogfather

A good, but pudgy, Scottish Terrier.

Ask the Dogfather

I think it's great that Pancho wants to protect us, but I'm worried he can't tell the difference between real danger and play. How can I break him of this habit before someone gets seriously hurt?

Ask the Dogfather : Drydocked Boston Terrier

Can my 8-year-old Boston Terrier ever be trained to swim? He gets his paws wet, but he looks surprised and offended if a wavelet comes along and smacks him.

Ask the Dogfather: A prickly Poodle and a Lab chaser

Why couldn't it have been a Maremma (a breed you're unlikely to ever see on the Vineyard) or a Komondor, instead of a Lab. But alas, it was a Lab, and your poodle girl is likely to meet plenty more.

Ask the Dogfather: Lena the muncher and Tucker the jumper

Lena looks right at me and begins to chew the corner of the coffee table. Or the end of the piano. Also, she managed to bite off a small strip of rushing on the only genuine antique in the house. She has a varied doggy diet, with lots of munchies and the occasional pretend toothbrushing gimmick from Milkbone, so I can't think she lacks fiber.

Ask the Dogfather: Territorial Terrier and a barking Boxer

Terriers basically look in the mirror and see God.

Ask the Dogfather: Advice for the owner of Billy the digger

Did I mention that they also had an African Grey parrot? African Greys are smarter than dogs. The tape recorder picked up the parrot imitating the the sound of the bell and then, sounding like the husband, screaming at the poor dog for responding to the bell. The bird was having a great time manipulating and terrorizing the dog.

Dear Dogfather: Elvis the elder and Mollie aflutter

If Elvis is not totally deaf there are high frequency devices that he can be taught to respond to... Elvis is lucky to have you guys, so remember, plenty of love, but no pity.

The Dogfather’s advice on old dogs, new babies, good toys, bad manners

Sounds like Crosby crossed over from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde stage. Actually, it's quite normal. Dogs tend to go from puppy, to punk, to young adult (not much better than punk), to adult, to adult adult, to senior adult.

Ask the Dogfather: car menace and empty-nesters

This week, the dogfather advises Arlene, whose dog is oblivious of cars, and tells a newly-retired couple how to find a good dog.

Traveling with Fido? Ask the Dogfather.

This week, the dogfather advises on how to travel with dogs.

Ask the Dogfather: Trainer Tom Shelby helps you figure out Fido

This week, the dogfather advises BGO in Oak Bluffs, whose dog Angus pees on houseguests and occasionally nips small children dressed as animals.

Ask the Dogfather: Trainer Tom Shelby helps you figure out Fido.

This week, the dogfather takes on a fidgety Chihuahua and a friendless Husky.