Friday, July 19, 2024

Visiting Vet

Even on Martha’s Vineyard, dogs eat things they shouldn’t

Leave a pet to its own devices, and you never know what they'll eat. And some taste treats can kill them.

Summertime on Martha’s Vineyard: don’t bake pets

Pets don't fare well in extreme heat, so be careful where you restrain and/or contain them.

In dogs, too much saliva can lead to trouble

Yes, in dogs, too much saliva can lead to trouble.

Treating creaky knees on dogs, cats

Like the rest of us who are no longer as lithe as we once were, dogs and cats have aches and pains too. How to help?

When pet owners face life-and-death decisions

Some pet owners will do almost anything to keep their favorite companion alive, but letting go may be the best option at times.

Reading the sounds of breathing

"In 1816, I was consulted by a young woman presenting with general symptoms of disease of the heart.

When a dog “chokes,” check out its mouth

"Our dog is choking!" the voice shouted frantically.

The things pets carry, even on Martha’s Vineyard

In a poetic confluence of events, I recently found myself reading Geraldine Brooks's book "Year of Wonders, A Novel of the Plague" during the same week I was preparing for our Passover seder, collecting items to represent the ten plagues enumerated in the book of Exodus.

Visiting Veterinarian: Lone Star tick risks for Martha’s Vineyard

The longer I practice, the less I seem to know, so I recently enrolled in an online class about tick-borne diseases.

The challenge of choosing and naming pets

Veterinary Pet Insurance company just released their list of top pet names for 2010.

Visiting vet: The importance of the MRI

The dog in the video is leash-walked by a young woman in scrubs.

Sussing out canine vision problems

It was shaping up to be a complicated day.

When topical irritations indicate real problems

Who can resist a basset hound? Those outrageous floppy ears, plaintive eyes, and soft, droopy lips? Holden was just such a pup that I had seen recently for a routine physical and vaccinations.

When a canine squabble leads to the ICU

Big Dog didn't mean to hurt his friend, Tiny Dog.

How old is that doggie…?

Saturday is my daughter's Bat Mitzvah.

Lucky, the unfortunate Sheltie

Lucky is a middle-aged Sheltie adopted by his current owner from the MSPCA six years ago. Other than minor problems, he seemed a healthy dog.

Eye-popping affenpinschers

The affenpinscher is an adorably funny-looking breed whose German name translates as "monkey terrier.