Friday, July 12, 2024

CitySpark Event Calendar

Event submission instructions
  • Please check to make sure your event isn’t already listed in the calendar on the ‘Things to Do‘ web page.
  • If it isn’t, click the purple “Add Event” button below, or the one the right-hand side of the ‘Things to Do’ web page, near the top.
  • Login, or create a username and password.
  • Fill in the required fields, which are marked with an asterisk.
    • The ‘Event URL’ can be the home page of your website, a web page specifically about the event, a Zoom link, a link to the website of a featured author, artist, musician, or speaker, for example, or another link relevant to the event.
    • The ‘Event Format’ can specify whether the event is in-person, virtual, both in-person and virtual, or other format.
    • The ‘Location’ can be the name of the business or organization (even if it is virtual), another location on the Island where the event or gathering will take place, or a combination, such as ‘Nonprofit ABC at State Forest’.
    • Keep in mind that the ‘Event Title’ and ‘Location Name’ are what show on the ‘Things to Do’ calendar web page.
    • If the listing is for an activity that can be done at any time, the start and end times can be left blank.
    • Under ‘Categories & Media’, provide 1 to 3 categories that best describe the event. To center the view of an image, it can be clicked and moved around, or use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
    • There are two ‘Description’ fields. The first one is for the online calendar listing, which allows for comprehensive information. The second one is the ‘Print Description’ field, which is limited to 150 characters. That description will show in the Events section of our printed paper during the week of the event. Do not repeat the title, time, date, or location information in the ‘Print Description’ field since these will automatically show in print, along with the description.
  • Try to use proper punctuation and be as concise as possible. Do not type in all capital letters or in all small letters.
  • Avoid promotional terms and exclamation points. The calendar listings are editorial content, not advertisements.
  • A listing that just gives the days and hours that a business is open may not be approved. Extensive listings from the same organization are not acceptable.
  • An event will be checked, approved, and edited by us, if needed, before it will show on the calendar, but this is done as soon as possible after your submission.