A missing sign, a hopeful resolution


To the Editor:

Tuesday we wrote to the parents of the teenage girl who rode her bike down Dukes County Avenue in Oak Bluffs on May 30 to steal our property: Please ask your irresponsible daughter to return the 3-foot copper Dragonfly figure that she brazenly ripped from the side of our building — in plain view of traffic and pedestrians at about 7:45 pm on Memorial Day evening. We ran after her, but the bike and her boldness helped her get away. Police responded very quickly, but no trace.

But, Wednesday, there was an update to this earlier letter. We found the stolen Dragonfly sign on our front walkway with a handwritten note of apology. We give the young person credit for her change of heart and having the gumption to return it, with what appears to be a very earnest request for forgiveness. Perhaps a tip of the hat is also due to her parents. Thanks very much.

Don McKillop and Susan Davy

Dragonfly Gallery

Oak Bluffs