Retrospective show at Howes House


The annual Virginia Blakesley Retrospective art show and sale at the Howes House that took place last weekend, June 17 and 18, was a festive event. The retrospective show honored the work of former Island art teacher and artist Virginia Blakesley, who at 90, continues painting with her practiced hand and discerning eye.

In addition to Ms. Blakesley’s paintings that span 50 years, the show included a wide range of styles and subjects by the other members of the Howes House painting group: Ann Howes, Susan Silva, Sue Tonry, Marshall Segall, Nancy Holt, Sally Flood, Else Membrano, Susan Boass, and Nancy Cabot.

Ms. Cabot, director of the show, has convened the Howes House painters every Friday afternoon for close to a dozen years. The group is a mixture of professional painters, art instructors, and dedicated and experienced amateurs. There is no teacher, but the artists critique each other’s work offering support and suggestions.