1,000 Balloons for Agatha’s birthday


Agatha Nunes won’t remember her first birthday party, but when she’s a little more grown up, she’ll never forget the pictures.

She’ll see a magical landscape sculpted from 1,000 balloons in the parish hall of the First Baptist Church in Vineyard Haven to celebrate her first birthday on Saturday, June 24.

Parishioners and friends of her dad, The Rev. Eduardo Nunes, gathered early Saturday morning to create the magical space with balloon gateways, an alcove, and even a square of spheres somehow fashioned by parishioners Flavia Cardoso and Elisangelo Freitas. A 10- by 10-foot section of perfectly aligned balloons contained a second square that framed the number 1.

The Rev. Nunes regularly leads his congregation in services in the space rented from the First Baptist Church for his own First Renewed Baptist Church ministry. But on Saturday evening, it was all about kids and cake. First Baptist pastor Rev. Ellen Tatreau participated in the party and in the ecumenical birthday cake. “It was a wonderful party,” she said. “Maybe 40 or more attended, and I really enjoyed it,”

Rev. Nunes this week agreed, noting that Brazilian culture has a strong tradition of birthday celebrations. Certainly this party proved that.

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