An hour on the, and missing massage table is returned


A news article posted to at about noon Tuesday did its good work within an hour.

Sharon Edell, a massage therapist, had lost the main tool of her trade. Last Wednesday, July 6, Ms. Edell left her green Earthlite massage table near a pile of rocks being used to build a stonewall at Trip Barnes’s house off State Road in West Tisbury, where she lives in an apartment. A friend wanted to borrow the table, and Ms. Edell wanted to help out.

Three women in a pickup truck stopped, according to a man working on the wall. One woman said she was a massage therapist and took the table. Ms. Edell suspected a misunderstanding, but she was out the table, the core tool of her trade, worth about $500.

“This is what I do for a living,” Ms. Edell told The Times Tuesday morning. “I am so discouraged.”

Times managing editor Nelson Sigelman wrote a news brief about the missing massage table and posted it to The Times website about noon. About one hour later, Ms. Edell telephoned to say that the woman who took the table and lives in Northhampton had called to explain the sequence of events.

She was visiting her boyfriend and sister who live on the Island. She had just graduated from massage school, so when she saw a table that looked as if it was being given away, she could not believe her good luck.

At lunch today, her boyfriend read the news brief online, and the real story became clear. The sister, who lives in Edgartown, returned the table Tuesday afternoon.

“It was very kind of her,” Ms. Edell said. “We are happy all around.”