The SSA and the human-less touch


To the Editor:

This is a copy of a letter that I sent Marc Hanover, our Martha’s Vineyard Steamship Authority member:

The other day I went online to get a car reservation on the Steamship Authority website and couldn’t open the reservation site. I tried various times and was unsuccessful each time, so I decided to call the 693-9130 number.

Couldn’t do that either — the phone just rang and rang — no message, nothing. I tried that a number of times, and I couldn’t get through at all. So, then I got in my car and drove to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, where I found two very nice women at the front desk, one of whom helped me immediately get my car reservation. No trouble at all.

The internet works occasionally, the automated phone lines work occasionally, but the people who work in the office are always there to personally help us. The idea of shutting down that Steamship office is not a good idea for the Island. The personal touch is one that we should celebrate, and I certainly hope that the SSA will do their utmost to find another office that will continue to help us who live on the Island.

Barbara Murphy