Concern expressed


To the Editor:

We would like to express our concern about what we see as a moral crisis in this country. Each of us knows one or more persons or families who have been devastated by unemployment, housing foreclosures and/or cutbacks in education, health, mental health and social services.

We encourage you to see this as intolerable. In a country this wealthy, supposedly committed to justice and human dignity, how can we allow such insecurity and suffering to continue, in fact worsen?

The money is available. But as long as we refuse to insist that large corporations and the wealthy be taxed at higher rates, and until we end the wars and bloated defense spending, necessary services will not be there for us, our seniors and children.

Many of us on Martha’s Vineyard are financially secure and may not be personally affected by this crisis. But we all must care. We have to act. We need to communicate with our representatives in the government and request that they act morally and responsibly on our behalf.

Sen. John Kerry: 202-224-2742/

Sen. Scott Brown: 202-224-4543/

Rep. William Keating: 202-225-3111/ (email through internet)

Gov. Deval Patrick: 617-775-4005/ (email through internet)

State Sen. Daniel Wolf: 617-722-1570/

State Rep. Tim Madden: 617-722-2810/

Cynthia Aguilar – West Tisbury

Megan Grennan – West Tisbury

Faith Runner – West Tisbury

Sheri L. Thomas – Tisbury

Christine Swansey – Vineyard Haven

Trudy Carter – Edgartown

Thomas Dresser – Oak Bluffs

Carol Derry – Oak Bluffs

Rufus Peebles – West Tisbury

Karen Achille – Oak Bluffs

Thomas Hallahan – Oak Bluffs

Mimi Davisson – Oak Bluffs

Carherine Brennan – West Tisbury

Judith Bunge – Edgartown

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