Suggestions for national savings


To the Editor:Here’s a presidential plan of action to save the country while stimulating the economy.

Send every home/apartment owner in the USA six high power, 200-plus-watts each grid tie solar panels, and an installation voucher. That’s it.

There are some conditions that must be met.

Everything must be made in the USA and shipped via the USPS. Each panel must be engraved with a maximum value of $100, on the resale market. Panels and vouchers can be sold for cash on the free market classifieds. All hardware must be rated ready for 12-24 panels for a second future six-panel stimulus package or owners’ additional panel purchase from the resale market.

A small wind turbine or a simple solar freezer kit option should be available. There are many benefits.

Eliminates pressure on the failing electric grid. Provides free electricity for homeowners and their tenants. Stimulates the economy with solar jobs, lower monthly bills, and cash panel sales. Lowers the overall cost of solar panel production through higher volume. Lowers demand for foreign oil and dirty power. Provides emergency household power with battery option. Keeps the fridge cold and food safe. Prepares us for the electric car future.

And, the list goes on. If the plan needs to be scaled back, it can be limited to a property size, duplex, fourplex, or something else. Stop wasting time and start saving dimes.

You can call it the “Take Your TV Off the Grid” campaign. Or a longterm debt-reduction strategy.Total cost? Total long-term savings?

Better ideas and your comments are welcome.

Terrell Halewijn

Oak Bluffs