Sympathetic to visitors


To the Editor:

I have nothing but sympathy for Lucia Sanborn‘s plight in adapting to Island mores. The mores the better.

As for resident parking, pity the poor native-born who bought land thinking it would entitle him to a resident parking card, only to discover he had to have a house on the land (which he did or did not have to live in, at least part-time off-season).

Of course, you can’t bluff your way with an Oak Bluffs card in Edgarville or West Ticksbury. It may be one Island, but there are six towns and a certain dearth of cooperation on the parking front.

Overall, on MV there’s nothing certain but no parking, and the dearth of ways to get to the beach. Oh dearth, there is thy sting.

Peter Ochs

Aquinna and Vienna, Austria