After a month-long adventure perched at the end of the Menemsha jetty, the fishermen, women, and children have called it a day and headed home for a long overdue shower and nap. Everyone will return to work after calling in off and on over the last month with a case of, cough-cough, derby fever. School-age fishermen will begin to appear at school on time once again and hit the books hard.

Congratulations to Menemsha harbor regular Rick Penney on his huge win after reeling in the biggest boat bass. He often appears with his bride, Danelle, on their boat Sea Cure, relaxing with friends over a cup of coffee. His last visit was with a big bass that entitled him to a turn of the truck key. The key was a winner.

Among other overall Derby winner standouts are the brother-sister team of Chris and Maggie Mayhew. The junior anglers are the children of Anne and Jonathan Mayhew. Chris and Maggie weighed in the second and third place boat bonito in unison.

Referring to the Derby as a full-time job paid off for Johnny Graham. His hours, days, and weeks of dedication landed him the third place spot for boat grand slam and second overall in the team competition with Joe DaSilva. Team Bonnie Carrol’s persistence paid off.

In the final hours of the 66th Derby Quinn Keefe was the only one of approximately a dozen anglers on the jetty to hook up. He managed to pull in the third place overall shore albacore.

With the Derby days now behind us, we bid farewell to the Keefe family. Craig, Lori, Quinn, Allie, and Grady have begun their adventure back to their home in Steamboat Springs, Colo., but only after a pitstop in D.C. to touch base with the Nixon family. Their adventure from there will bring them west to Chicago where they will catch up with Craig’s dad before heading to the Colorado Rockies just in time for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, make sure to save that date for your young ghouls, goblins, princesses, and vampires. The Chilmark Firefighter’s Association will, once again, hold its annual Halloween gathering for all town children through the age of fifth grade. Stop by the CCC from 5 to 6 pm for pizza, a costume parade, and a great jumping-off spot for trick or treating. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Todd Christy held an open house at the Chilmark Coffee Company roasting shed this past Sunday. He invited friends over for a demonstration and a flavorful cup of coffee. I wish my schedule hadn’t conflicted because, although I am not a big fan of the brewed cup, I have a man in my life who thrives on it. I hope there will be another opportunity. Yes?

Zee Gamson shares that the Chilmark Democrats will be holding its fall meeting Saturday, Oct. 22 at 3 pm at the town hall. The topics of discussion will include: Democratic candidates for the US Senate, the presidential election, and the protests erupting all over the country.

Here’s a shout-out to all yard salers and flea marketeers from Coco Adams. She has secured the CCC for November 5 in order to provide a space for a townwide yard sale/flea market. Coco is a fantastic organizer and one who can pull together a fun event like this in no time so give her a call if you are interested in grabbing a spot to set up shop. Your shop can be as simple as a card table with baby clothes, old fishing lures (maybe the ones that didn’t land you the big one?), books, toys, handicrafts, antiques — you name it. In order to help her defer the cost of the space rental, the charge will be in the neighborhood of $15 for vending rights. Her goal is to draw the community together and have a little fun shopping from one another. Give her a call at 508-645-3414 for details.

The 4/5 Chilmark School students will host their annual UNICEF Fair on Friday, Oct. 28 at the CCC. The students will create games and man their stations so that the younger children may come, play, snack and enjoy. The games will all cost $.25 cents to play and the snack table will be full of both sweets and healthy options to purchase for a minimal fee. All proceeds from this event will be contributed to UNICEF, which provides children in more than 150 countries with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, protection, emergency relief, and more.