Winter vacation season is in full swing, with reports of people’s travels to destinations near and far. With February break right around the corner, let me know what you’re up to. It makes the winter go by a little quicker when we all get to read about our neighbors out having fun in the sun or hitting the slopes. Allow those of us stuck at a desk here at home a little vicarious vacationing, will ya?

Dick and Jane Barbini skipped off to Pepperell this weekend to spend time with son Ryan and daughter-in-law Chelsea and grandchildren Taylor and Phoebe. While they were there, Phoebe blew out the candles on her second birthday cake in celebration of her January 31 birthday. Happy birthday, Miss Phoebe.

Jim and Nicki Miller have returned from five weeks in sunny Florida. They packed up the bikes and the cats in early January and hit the road for a little over a month of riding, hiking, beaching, cocktailing, and soaking up the rays. I’m hoping they stocked up enough Vitamin D to make it through the next couple of months. Don’t want Jim to start getting cranky.

Richard Prieto has made his annual migration to Costa Rica, where he spends about a month every year. I always look forward to the stories he comes back with, and because he is the man in charge of my tresses, the grays peeking through at my roots look forward to his return as well.

DUDES: Jane Ford and Katie Jordan will host a Men’s Valentine’s Day shopping night at The Wharf February 9, from 6 to 9 pm. Enjoy some beverage and grub, watch the Celts beat the Lakers, and let these ladies help you pick out the perfect Stella and Dot jewelry for your wife, girlfriend, or mom. For more info, contact Jane at 313-657-2633 or email jane.ford@hotmail.com.

The Anchors will host Diane Edelberg from Funtastic Getaways in East Falmouth on Friday, February 10, at 1 pm to discuss overnight trips and show a movie of upcoming 2012 trips. Laurie Schreiber will talk about day trips, and she looks forward hearing all your suggestions, so bring your ideas. The goal is to plan all 2012 trips ahead of time and make a brochure. If you cannot make it, please call and give Laurie your trip suggestions. To sign up for the event, call 508-627-4368.

The Edgartown Library Foundation (ELF) will host a “Tour of Italy through Wine and Cheese” at Lattanzi’s on Friday, February 10, from 5 to 8 pm. The event will benefit the Library Foundation’s Annual Fund, which provides materials and funding for programs and services at the library. In addition to the wine and cheeses offered, a number of donated items will be raffled off, including dinner for two at Lattanzi’s, an original painting by Claudio Gasparini, and a two-night getaway at the Boston Harbor Hotel with dinner. For further info, call 774-310-1312.

The very same Nicki Miller featured a few paragraphs ago will celebrate her birthday on February 12. So let’s all say Happy Birthday, and ease her transition back to northern winter with some warm wishes. Lucky husband Jim got to celebrate his January 14 birthday in the sunny south, so I’d say Nicki deserves a little extra birthday love. Then again, we’ll probably have one of those freak 50-something degree days we’ve all become so accustomed to, so maybe Nicki will fare just fine. Anyway, hope it’s a good one!