AG warns job seekers to beware of scams


State and federal authorities continue to issue warnings about online con artists, particularly those who target people seeking jobs in a tough workplace who may be susceptible to an offer too good to be true.

An individual recently placed a help wanted ad in The Times classified section for a “personal assistant” at a salary of $630 per week. The ad had all the attributes of a legitimate ad. Payment was by credit card and the contact telephone number was legitimate, but the ad included only an email contact.

Several readers contacted The Times to say that when they inquired about the job, the contact person, Alice Buckley, said the job had been filled, but she refered applicants to a Ross Sidney, who claimed that he worked for a Lewis Steel Company. An Islander who pursued the advertised opportunity described what happened next.

“It was a promise to get a 10 percent cut of a $2,500 cashier’s check from the U.K.,” the reader said. “Bogus. It took me about five seconds to realize this is a scam. I confirmed it via Google.”

For more information on scams contact the Office of the Attorney General at 617-727-8400.