Two. Yes two. A double dose of little baby boys has joined our community. Duke Benjamin and Ezekiel Rasmus were born to Stacia and Steve Broderick on, of all days, Valentines Day. Hunter is going to be a fabulous big brother and grandparents Emily and Steve have been spotted with big, beaming grins. I haven’t seen them in person, but I have seen pictures and boy, are they adorable.

Uncle Mike Broderick and Aunt Mary McConneloug continue on their worldwide mountain biking adventure. Recently, the couple finished first in the duo category of the Trans Andes Challenge 2012. This was their third time pushing the pedals in the six-day Chilean challenge.

A half century ago today, David and Fran Flanders welcomed to the world their third girl. Yes, little Julianna joined her parents and big sisters Chris and Beth on this day in 1962. A lot has changed since then. We now have color television, iPods and cell phones. In 1962, folks were watching the Dick Van Dyke show and the Beverly Hillbillies. Chubby Checker, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles were on the radio. Ah yes, a lot has changed since then. But, one thing remains the same: Julie Flanders continues to be a lovely person and wonderful friend to many, including me. Happy birthday, Jules.

The Kuh family clan will need to add one more place setting at the next family dinner. Dan Askow of Wilmette, Ill., member of the Kuh family and brother of Cathy Thompson, married Shari Kozak Koplan on Valentines Day at a resort in the Turks and Caicos. Congratulations to you all.

Rumor has it Bryce Cioffi went to the Monster Jam with his buddy Luke Belain where they saw Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction up close and personal. What five-year old boy wouldn’t have the world’s greatest time surrounded by big, loud monster trucks? I am pretty sure they will be tearing up the tracks in Providence this weekend. Who’s game?

Have you pulled up to the M.V. Savings Bank recently at the Cornerway and spotted a sign that says “Pathways” on it? I saw it the other day and wondered what it was. Then, I arrived home, checked my email and, voila, there was my answer. Lisa Epstein had written in with the low-down. Pathways Projects Institutes, a nonprofit organization, is a catalyst in creative projects. The group is pleased to offer a 2-part Winter iPhone Photography Workshop, instructed by Kathy Rose. The first session is this Saturday. February 25. from 3 to 5:30pm. A fee of $100 covers the two sessions and refreshments. For additional information on this or other Pathways’ programs email or call 508-645-9098. Thus far, this program has been well attended by all ages and all levels of conversation ability.

Theresa Dunn, a teacher at the high school will continue to lead the French conversation group at the Library. Thus far, the program has been well attended by a wide range of ages and abilities. Stop by Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7 pm for a little Perrier and an opportunity to share your gift of gab.

Did you ever wonder about Pilates? Have you heard the term but have never really known the meaning? In short, it is an exercise system that is focused on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and agility, and helping to prevent injury. Caitlin Cook, a trained and certified instructor, is offering classes right here in town. A time chosen to be convenient for parents who need to get their kiddos off to school — 8:50 to 9:50 am — Mondays at the Chilmark Church meeting room. Stop in, check it out or email Caitlin for details at