Palmer sisters make Locks of Love donation

Sisters Madison, left, and Lexington Palmer proudly displayed their Locks of Love donations after Gretchen Wean, owner of A Hair Affair in Edgartown, cut their hair. — Photo by Paul Gilbert

Madison and Lexington Palmer of Edgartown proved that two heads are indeed better than one last week when the sisters donated 22 inches of their hair to the Locks of Love organization.

The non-profit provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who suffer from long-term hair loss due to medical conditions.

Madison, age 9, came up with the idea after deciding to get her long hair cut many inches shorter for the first time in her life. Lexington, age 7, joined her in a show of sister solidarity.

Their parents, Ashley and Paul Gilbert of Edgartown, said they are very proud of them. “They made this decision and now we know they truly understand the meaning of giving,” Mr. Gilbert wrote in an email to The Times.

Gretchen Wean, owner of A Hair Affair in Edgartown, trimmed 12 inches from Madison’s hair and 10 from Lexington’s on February 17.

“I can’t remember two Island sisters ever doing this at the same time; it’s got to be a first,” Ms. Wean said.

More information about Locks of Love is available online at