Pizza nights will be back in full swing next Tuesday at the Chilmark Church at 6 pm when the usual suspects will gather — Pam and Clark Goff, Julie Flanders, Bella Thorpe, Margaret Maida, Janet Weidner, Tom, Peter and Andrew Ruimerman, Bob and Irene Hungerford and more. There is always room for new faces, so please consider stopping by for a slice, some salad, a dessert and the ever-popular game Bananagrams. You might want to bring a long a dictionary as the game occasionally gets pretty fierce.

The meeting room at the Library has a fresh coat of paint thanks to George Szilassy. Pop your head in some afternoon and check out the crisp lines and meticulous attention to detail. Do you have kids? Stop in after school on Wednesday and use the room firsthand during the art class run by lovely Miss Irene. No kids? Or need an easy evening away from them that’s close to home? Stop in at 7 Friday night for free popcorn, drinks, and the 1960 classic, “Butterfield Eight,” starring Elizabeth Taylor.

Polly McDowell visited last week. She strolled through the town hall and chatted with all of her former co-workers. Coincidentally, she celebrates a birthday this week so she is worthy of mention for two reasons.

Carl Crocker’s mom, Diane, came to visit this week. Moms miss their children after a while even when they are in their forties.

Emily Boyd is back from her adventure to Long Island in the Bahamas. Along with her super-swell parents, Mary and Jonathan, she swam constantly, frolicked on the beach and soaked up some sunshine. The busiest town was like Menemsha in the spring or fall — but with less people. Seafood was the common item on the menu including hog snapper and conch. I will admit to looking up just what exactly hog snapper is. Clearly a member of the snapper family, it gets its name from, you guessed, its hog-like snout (and possibly its pink color?).

The cast and crew of the High School’s theater production “Gossip” were off this past weekend competing in the preliminary round of the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild’s Festival. The 30-some students ventured to Attleboro High School where, after a long weekend of competition and socializing with other theater nerds (yes, this is a compliment) their production was chosen to move along to the semi-final round this weekend. Chilmark students include Thorpe Karabees as the character Rooster, Bradley Carroll who portrays the character Helga, and Brigida Larsen who oversees all the sound component of their production. This weekend they will venture to Framingham High School once again under the guidance of director Katharine Poole Murray. Coincidentally, summer kid Katie Loveluck, who you may recall often pumps your gas in Menemsha, is also a member of a troupe progressing to the semi-final round. She attends the Bromfield School in Harvard.

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