Not a union member


To the Editor:

After reading Janet Hefler’s article [Conflict of interest law a factor in Martha’s Vineyard elections, March 15], I feel I have to respond. I have not been in the union for eight years. I have never asked for, nor received the $3,000 stipend that the other selectman receive. I could have asked for an exemption, so that I could get paid, but money was never a reason for me seeking the selectman’s office. So, in effect, instead of me getting $3,000 a year for nine years, the town saved $27,000. I also used a substantial amount of my vacation time to attend meetings on and off Island. As far as fair and honest goes, your article was neither.

Tom Pachico


Tom Pachico, a former Tisbury selectman, is running for a vacant selectman’s seat this spring.