A visit with Johnny Seaview

— Photo courtesy of Michael Dellorusso

Michael Dellorusso and his wife, Jeeranan, of Oak Bluffs delivered birthday gifts, assembled by the folks at The Ritz, to a surprised Johnny Seaview on March 11, in anticipation of Johnnie’s celebration on March 14. Johnny Seaview, a familiar and easily recognized Island presence for more than 30 years, now lives in a retirement home in Medford, where, according to the Dellorussos, he’s doing very well.

The gift box contained candy, a new hat, scratch tickets and some items with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, along with a card signed by Johnny’s many Island friends.

If anyone would like to write to him, his address is:

Glen Ridge

120 Murray St.,

Oliver Perry Rm. 217

Medford, MA