For some dog owners, only a stiff fine will do


To the Editor:

There are many varieties of morons in America, but there is a particular breed on Martha’s Vineyard that is becoming problematic.

Barry Nevin’s comments last week regarding her out-of-control dog were deranged, yet she is merely one of several people I’ve heard about in the past year who’ve allowed their dogs to run loose and kill livestock, kill other dogs, bite people who tried to keep them from mangling their dogs, and attack children. What many of these incidents have in common is that the dog had a track record of aggression, yet the owners let them run free and continue their havoc.

I have a suggestion for our town officers. Owners whose dogs have a proven record of aggression should be fined $2,500 for any subsequent incidents. Ms. Nevin’s bellicose comments indicate that appeals to decency and common sense fall on deaf ears with such dog owners. Perhaps a stiff fine will get the message across.

Julian Wise