Dukes Conservation District seeks Islanders’ opinions


The Dukes Conservation District is asking Islanders to participate in a ten-question online survey in order to prioritize issues ranging from “rare and endangered species and habitats,” to “inadequate access to coastal beaches.”

The input from year-round and summer residents will be used to reevaluate where to spend the District budget.

A conservation district is a subdivision of state government, established under state law to carry out programs for the conservation and wise management of soil, water and related resources.

There are 14 conservation districts in Massachusetts, according to a press release. The Dukes Conservation District was established in the 1940’s to provide access to the technical and financial assistance available from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (formerly the Soil Conservation Service) to farmers, aquaculturists, and conservation land managers in the seven towns in Dukes County.

The survey is available at www.surveymonkey.com/s/KH2CWF9.