State awards $700,000 transit grant to Vineyard Transit Authority


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Rail and Transit Division (MassDOT) awarded a grant of $733,559 to the Martha’s Vineyard Regional Transit Authority (VTA) for the fiscal year 2013, according to a press release.

A total of 22 applicants received awards totaling more than $5.8 million from the new MassDOT community transit grant program. These competitive grants represent the first year that federal and state transit funds have been awarded as part of a new single grant application, MassDOT said.

Lois Crane, the VTA associate administrator, said that the grant, which is a reimbursement grant for fiscal year 2012 expenses, was awarded as part of a federal program to increase public transportation accessibility in rural areas where the volume of use would not support public transportation on its own.