Let down at the hospital


To the Editor:

As if having to go to the hospital alone, sick, and not knowing what’s wrong isn’t bad enough, being sent home after an extensive five-hour wait (that included lots of blood work and a CAT scan) with medication that won’t treat what you have is fairly disheartening.

I’m just getting over my first case of tonsilitis. I’ve researched that there is bacterial tonsilitis, treatable with antibiotics, and there’s viral tonsilitis, untreatable.

I missed four days of work at my job in the Chilmark Town Hall because I was told at the MV Hospital that the antibiotics they gave me and some gargling would do the trick. Mind you, this is after waiting five hours in a hospital room, nothing for the horrible tonsil pain, enduring an IV and CAT scan “to make sure there isn’t an abscess in there,” and three lab tests – all which came back negative.

After 48 hours of the antibiotics being in my system, I had no relief. I ended up going off Island to the hospital my mom works at, Charlton Memorial, in Fall River. Bada-bing, bada-boom – it’s viral, the antibiotics wouldn’t do anything for it. They gave me pain meds and steroids and told me to take it easy. By later that day, I was calling it a “drug miracle.” I was starting to feel better.

I work seven days a week at my job. I haven’t had four days off in the summer in years. It upset me that I went to the hospital expecting them to help get me back on my feet again, but instead I was left sitting around for them to do tests (to probably pump the insurance company for money) — and they didn’t even give me what I needed. And then it took the nurse at Charlton, not even the doctor, one look down my throat for him to tell me I needed x,y, and z, and he was truly puzzled as to why a CAT scan would have been ordered for tonsilitis.

I’ve heard the MV Hospital horror stories. I won’t say my story is horrible at all, but it’s certainly disheartening.

Megan Belliveau

Vineyard Haven

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