Where is Flanders Field? It’s a question that Sunday softball commissioner Bill Edison hears a lot. Turn on to Pasture Road across from the Chilmark LDO (also known as the dump) and drive until you come across a bunch of cars. There are always a bunch of cars on Sunday mornings at Flanders Field but not typically in February. Once you hear John Jacobs screaming something along the lines of “stick it in his ear!” you know you have arrived. Pull out the red cap, don the running shoes, and get ready for a memorable morning.

The firefighters’ Backyard Bash was a wonderful success. The department was out in full force and had a wonderful group of volunteers to round out the team. Hellie Neumann, Annie Bradshaw, Pam Bunker, Jessie Kanozak, Lenny Clarke, Jim Belushi, Laura Bryant German, Kim Cottrill, Linda Coutinho, Jessica Roddy, Rose and Bella Maidoff, Peter and Andrew Ruimerman, Bradley and Brooks Carroll, Andrew and Matthew Karlinsky and countless others manned the concessions, took care of tee-shirt sales, facilitated the raffle and more. Folks left with some great goodies donated by local businesses for the raffle. Folks went home with some very full stomachs after having eaten burgers flipped by some of the best.

The most noteworthy item auctioned off was a pair of pygmy goats donated by none other than Rebecca Gilbert and Randy BenDavid of Native Earth Teaching Farm. Michelle and Greg O’Connor, and their five boys — Jameson, Griffin, Kieran, Aidan, and Colin — had the winning number drawn out of the overflowing jar of tickets. The newest family members are spending a little more time gaining some strength with the help of mama goat, but they will make South Road their new home in no time.

Just an aside, Michelle was pleased to let me know the unattended dining chair left by the end of their driveway has found its way home. Heartfelt thanks to the kind person who returned it.

Ian Yaffe is in town catching up with family and friends this week. You may remember Ian from his job with the Menemsha Harbormaster or maybe selling tee-shirts for the Chilmark Fire Department. He is now director of a nonprofit in Maine called Mano en Mano/Hand in Hand. Also visiting are Ian’s younger brother, Zak, who is a Texaco alum, and their mother, Anita. The men had a nice get-together with brother Steve Yaffe while chatting over a great meal at the Chilmark Tavern. I am looking forward to having dinner there with a few of my summertime girls. Hold me to it, lovely ladies.

Hope, Chris, Finnegan, and Linden MacLeod have hit the road bound for Centerville, New Brunswick. Their annual summer trek takes them to see Chris’s family and provides them with some quality hometown goodness. Kayaking, swimming, and catching up with cousins are all on the agenda. They will be back in time to take in The Fair and all it has to offer.

The Keene clan — John, Hillary, Adelaide, Thea, Ella, and Lathrop — have returned from their trip to Canada. They returned refreshed, happy, and with some glorious stories to share.

Pat and Joannie Jenkinson will be thrilled to see Holly, Marco, Emma, and Peter Bario in no time flat. They will arrive in time to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells The Fair.

The residents of Windemere had an outing to The Bite last night for dinner. Why is this such a big deal? Because, according to Betsy Burmeister, they made the trip in their newly donated van. Big thanks go out to the Island philanthropist who sealed the deal for the van.

There’s fun stuff going on at the Hom Port on Sunday nights when the a cappella boys of Vineyard Sound are sharing some of their tunes on the patio.

Looking for something cool to do tonight? Head down to Union Chapel for Built on Stilts. The show starts at 8, and there are surely a lot of faces you will recognize — Adelaide Keene, Olivia Knight, Bradley Carroll and other local kids you’d love to see dance. It’s home-grown and free, but donations are appreciated.

Next up, head on over to Owen Park for a free advance screening of “Great White Highway, Where the Sharks Go” with an introduction from our friend, neighbor, and filmmaker, Bob Nixon. A team of scientists tag and track sharks in hopes of answering some long-asked questions. Bob captures it all on film. It’s tonight from 9:45 to 10:30; you will be amazed.

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