She’s for the president


To the Editor:

Mitt Romney has chosen as his running mate a man who stands solidly with the Tea Party. Paul Ryan is the lead author of the radical right wing budget that Republicans are pushing in Congress. This budget calls for huge tax cuts for the super rich on top of extending the Bush tax cuts; getting rid of Medicare’s guarantee of affordable health care and asking future retirees to buy private insurance plans with limited vouchers; making massive cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, federal scholarships for college, and job training; and new increases in military spending.

Mitt Romney and Congressman Ryan stand for cutting government support for middle class and poor people while giving away the store to the super rich. They both grew up in wealthy families that benefitted from government programs. Mr. Ryan’s hometown, Janesville, Wisconsin, has received more than a million dollars of aid from the federal Economic Development Administration for commercial innovation and other million dollar grants for medical technology development. To support better transportation for Janesville companies, the federal government will be expanding Rt. I-90 near Janesville.

It is hypocritical of Mr. Ryan to call for reducing the government when his town, his family, and he benefit from these government projects.

I support President Obama for re-election and Elizabeth Warren for US Senate because they are for us, not the super wealthy. The Romney-Ryan plans for helping the super wealthy at the expense of the rest of us makes this election the most crucial one of our time.

Zelda Gamson