A plea to the SSA


To the Editor:

Labor Day is upon us again, and college kids are going back to school. Once again we are faced with the issue of getting a reservation to return to college. This year, as soon as my daughter found out what her move-in date would be, she called to make a reservation to go back to Bridgewater State University. This was more than a month ago. She got a 9:30 pm reservation.

She has been trying unsuccessfully ever since to get a better time. Complicating things is the fact that she will have her horse in tow. Before moving herself into her dorm, she will have to take him to his winter home in Rochester. So, the 9:30 boat gets her to Woods Hole at 10:15; an hour and a half to get to Rochester; settling Ben in takes about an hour, at least. Now it’s almost 1 am, and she still hasn’t arrived at school.

Everywhere we go, friends of hers are lamenting the fact that they don’t have any reservation yet or have one they are hanging onto that isn’t really going to work for them. There must be a better way.

I know it’s a busy weekend, to say the least, but we need to take better care of our Island kids than this. Any suggestions, SSA? I really don’t want my daughter out on the road at that hour, alone, towing her horse and moving into school by herself. This isn’t a pleasure trip. Couldn’t we do better? Please help.

Jessica Burnham