Dedicated citizen


To the Editor:

It is an absolute shame to see what has recently happened at the Chilmark Harbor Department. [See, Chilmark summer worker arrested in pot bust at harbormaster shack, August 29]. As a past employee and cadet at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, to me it is a complete disgrace to see such ignorance and betrayal of the wharfingers. I take it very personally to see such infamy at a harbor that I am proud to say I have worked at.

It also sickens me to see the slander The Times published about the harbormaster, Dennis Jason. Dennis is an excellent boss and has an inspiring work ethic. He went above and beyond the duties of his job. He has served this country as member of the United States Coast Guard for years, and I watched as he put his life on the line in the summer of 2010 during the fire in Menemsha.

You took the words of a man who was arrested for drug violations and used them to falsely debunk a dedicated citizen of this Island. That man has served our country and the citizens of Chilmark. Shame on you.

Second Class Cadet Andrew P. Smith