Our sailors are back. With Captain Ian Ridgeway at the helm of the Alabama, the Chilmark School 4/5 students, along with a few chaperones, staff, and educators, headed off last Monday, Sept. 10, on quite an adventure. At my last writing they had made it to Block Island where they spent their first night. They then ventured to Mystic Seaport, Newport, and Tarpaulin Cove before taking that turn around the Chop and into Vineyard Haven Harbor where, after six days, parents and siblings anxiously awaited a long anticipated hug, kiss, and “I missed you!”

Please ask Bella, Menasha, Keira, Imogen, Fynn, Brooks, Noah, Owen, Thea, Dash, Keiran, Ben, Adam and Carey how their trip was. I am sure you will hear some great stories. Big thanks to chaperones John Keene, Eric Glasgow, Rocco Bellebuono and Marshall Carroll. Also clap a round of a applause for school nurse Janice Brown and educator Becky Barca-Tinus for bandaging a few scrapes, mixing in some school work and all the good stuff thrown into a week a sea. Thanks to the crew for talking knots and whipping up some good eats along the way.

Janet Weidner and Tom Ruimerman along with their boys, Andrew and Peter, made the trek to the Big Apple for Janet’s niece’s wedding. Bride Laura and groom James provided a much-needed opportunity for family to gather. Janet’s niece Jeni visited from Ohio. Janet’s wild and crazy sister Celia flew in from Hawaii. Much of the groom’s family flew across the pond from the Bonney shores of Ireland. The wedding, which was Friday night, gave the 93-year-old matriarch of the family, Janet’s mother, Loretta, a wonderful opportunity to show off her dance moves. The wedding was followed by a fun-filled barbecue on Saturday and a long drive home on Sunday.

The long-awaited pizza nights at the church will be back in full swing on Tuesday, September 25, at 6 pm. The evening gathering of friends, neighbors and passersby rolls on until about 7:30 at which point the rousing rounds of Bananagrams are wrapped up, the last slice of pizza is consumed and a few sweet treats are under the belts.

For those of you who have never attended a pizza night, it’s not a churchy sort of thing, nor is it formal or overly organized. Walk in, grab a slice of pizza, maybe a helping of salad, if someone was nice enough to bring one, followed by maybe a cookie or two if an attendee decided to bake enough to share. Give Julie Flanders a call at 508-645-3723 if you plan to attend. At least for the first couple of weeks, she will need a general head count so no one goes hungry.

Additionally, if you’re walking past the church or driving by with your windows open you might hear organists practicing for the September 30 organ concert to celebrate the installation of the new pipe organ.

Chilmark artist Linda Thompson invites the public to a reception for her exhibition of oil paintings at the Bank of Martha’s Vineyard. Friday, September 21, from 4 to 6 pm Linda will greet, chat, and hope that you enjoy viewing her work which will be on display from now until the 27th. The exhibition features a range of Up-Island landscapes including Aquinnah, Menemsha, and the Allen Sheep Farm.

The South Road O’Connor clan was down for a long weekend from their Andover home. They ventured down to pick up Pickles and Pounce. The adorable pair of goats, born at Native Earth Teaching Farm, will make the off-season migration right along with the rest of the clan.

The Keefe family — Craig, Lori, Quinn, Allie, and Grady — travelled to Foxboro this past weekend to meet up with the Spellmans — Andy, Rachel, and Zach — for a Pats’ game. The highlight was Craig’s photo op with a couple of lovely cheerleaders.