Where has that vet we liked gone?


To the Editor:

We are two cats who live in West Tisbury with the people we have chosen to serve us. We have a problem that perhaps one of your readers could help us with.

First of all, we do not like going to the veterinarian. However, since living on the Island, we have met one vet that makes our visits, if not a pleasure, at least acceptable. She treats us gently and with respect and is the most knowledgeable vet we’ve ever been to.

Unfortunately, she has left the practice where she was working and we don’t know where she went. Her name is Dr. Catherine Buck, and we really miss her. If anyone knows where she has gone please give us a call at 508-687-9746. You’ll make two little kitties very happy. Thank you.

(Ted Jochsberger or Deborah Wells will answer the phone for us.)

Cochise and Geronimo

West Tisbury