Get corporate money out of elections


To the Editor:

We may still believe we live in a democracy. We may still believe that the people we elect are chosen democratically. Most of us still have the right to vote. But money is buying this election.

We have to work very hard to sort through the incredible force of messages, paid for by very rich individuals and corporations, to find the information we need to act and vote on our needs, hopes, and sense of humanity. These messages try to convince us that we should support a system in which wealth and power undermine a fair society and are unchallenged.

This country desperately needs campaign finance reform if it is to retain any semblance of democracy.

You can help. A question will be on your ballot November 6 that moves us toward greater democracy. Please vote yes on the “Democracy Amendment” question – Number 4. This question aims to prohibit corporations from spending unlimited money to influence elections (as they can now) and to place limits on political contributions and spending.

Cynthia Aguilar

West Tisbury