A brown pelicans tried to intermingle with cormorants on the top of spiles in Menemsha Basin. Pelicans appear on the Island infrequently — once every ten years or so, according to Matt Pelikan. They may become more common as the climate warms and their numbers increase now that they are no longer persecuted as they were in the 19th and first part of the 20th centuries. — Photo by Marshall Carroll

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. When sun and rain come together, a rainbow seems to magically appear. It spreads its color and creates a beautiful painting. You can see it from the middle of a field. You can see it from the beach. You can see it as you peer out your car window. For Delilah Oliver, this past weekend her mother, Liz, was like the sun and her father, Kevin, was like the rain. They came together, with the help of all of her kindergarten classmates, to produce the most picture-perfect rainbow birthday party a six-year-old could dream of. The rainbow came to her in the comforts of her own home with all the happiness it brings right along with it. Happiest birthday to you, dear sweet Delilah.

Clearly blown in on Sandy’s coattails, a brown pelican was spotted in and around Menemsha Pond for a couple of days. I hope, as of now, it has started its trek to warmer shores.

Thank you, Chilmark Volunteer Firefighter’s Association. Yes, another grand Halloween get-together is under our belts. We were surrounded by ghouls, fairies, witches, warlocks, an assortment of animals, a collection of superheroes, and so much more. Many thanks to George Szilassy for being the first to arrive on scene for decorating duty. Thank you to Meg, Dan, Clara, Zeb, and baby-to-be Athearn along with the rest of the Morning Glory gang for the pumpkins and cornstalks. Thanks to all the mom and pop bakers and snack creators. Thank you to everyone who helped make the 45 minutes of whirlwind CCC partying a great success. And, with a drumroll please, this year’s winners of the costume parade as judged by Betsy, Joan, Katy, and Bradley are: scariest – Owen Favreau; funniest – Rosie Athearn; weirdest – Freya and Hailey Mayhew; most original – Eloise Christy; best fairy/princess – Emily Boyd, best witch/warlock, – Tyler Shipway; I’m-wearing-that-next-year – Imogen Taylor; what-is-that? – Wren Christy; best homemade – Bryce Cioffi.

And, the best in show award went to Finnegan MacLeod. Finn was Hercules. He strutted his stuff with his chest puffed out just as one would imagine he would. He whipped out his sword and held it firmly as he protected Pegasus (played by his sister, Linden) from any evil-doers that got in their way. He must have been a might tired after all the effort he put into his character. I will bet young Master Finnegan slept well.

Sunday, November 11, the Chilmark Church will have a guest preacher. Sherry Thomas will travel from Warner, New Hampshire, to share her thoughts with the community. Sherry received a Masters of Divinity from Andover Newton Seminary and expresses that this Sunday’s service is being held in honor of our veterans. All are welcome at 9 am.

A dear friend of ours has found herself undergoing extended medical treatment. She, fortunately, is one of those people with a positive attitude and a supportive family who will be there for her through the ups and downs she might encounter. Susan Parker is one of those remarkable people who always manages to remember your name even if you’ve met but once. If you bump into her briefly at the post office or grocery store she always asks about your kids and always by name. I could go one and on but I will leave you with this: please drop her a note to 27 Hewing Field Chilmark, MA 02535. She would love to be kept in the loop of the comings and goings in town. Let’s not let her skip a beat.