You all know I get a bit grumpy this time of year when we’re deep into December and I have yet to see a single snowflake. As I sit here typing this, it’s nearly 60 degrees outside and so rainy it’s dark as midnight in here. So anyone who’s with me, let’s start doing our snow dance.

Well, the weather certainly held out of Christmas in Edgartown revelers this past weekend. I partook of many of the events throughout the weekend, beginning with the Donaromas’ open house Friday night. There, as we all got a little lesson in how cool LED lights look through 3D glasses, I ran into many familiar faces, including the entire Shemeth clan, Jack Laird, Cinnamon White, Richard Prieto, and of course, Janice, Michael, and Jeffrey Donaroma.

Next, we rode the Honda “sleigh” down Main Street and Water to check out the lights, ending at the Harbor View for some Christmas cheer. We had just missed visits from Santa and Frosty, but little Harley Snowden assured me that, although she was afraid of Santa that day, she was not going to be afraid the next time, and she would definitely relay my plea for a new car.

I caught up with Janice Belisle and Alice Upham about the good old days when the Belisles and my grandparents were neighbors and the good new days now that the Uphams are our neighbors. It’s always nice running into everybody.

The parade on Saturday was one of the best I’ve seen in years, and I’m sure my little friends would agree, as everyone went home with pockets full of candy. In the crowd, I spied Vinny and Frankie Paciello, Caroline and Kate Conover, Hudson and Summer Riordon, Katama and Crosby Murray with their pals, the Lutherns, Mateo DeOliveira “driving” the fire truck, and many other happy, sticky faces.

Sunday, my niece Caroline and I hit the streets in search of treasure, carrying our sheet of clues into participating businesses and walking out with treats. We caught up with a stroller brigade filled with Edgartown Eagles, class of 2026, including Grace O’Hanlon, Isla Ditchfield, and Benjamin Sylvia.

Thanks for the weekend of fun. Great job everyone. Can’t wait until next year.

So now that I’ve got your minds turned to our pint-sized residents, here’s an invitation: Rainbow Place will be holding their Christmas show Tuesday, December 18 at 6 pm at the Old Whaling Church. These guys always put on a good show, so this is not to be missed.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Dennis Toomey and Tommy Smith on December 13, to Jen Freeman on December 14, to Lauren Florio on December 15, to Susie Buck on December 18, and to Albert Lattanzi and Tom O’Hanlon on December 19. Hope you all have a ton of fun.