High school prom was a night to sparkle

Isabelle Wadleigh, Mary Ollen, Sam Entner, Haven Huck, and Matt Fielding (back). — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students, dressed in gowns adorned with flowers and colorful tuxedos, danced the night away under the wooden rafters of the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury on Saturday, May 18, prom night for the class of 2014.

After clearing the precautionary and mandatory breathalyzer test at the door, students were greeted by elegant lights and Japanese lanterns that illuminated beach glass table settings, in keeping with the “underwater” theme of the prom. After a warm welcome from the assembled teacher chaperones, students walked onto the dance floor, where music from a DJ played loudly the entire evening.

“Everything looked beautiful. They did a really great job,” junior Sophie Nelson said.

Students could pick up glo-sticks if they liked before walking around neatly placed tables and plants. Tea Lane Caterers served the guests appetizers and cool drinks. Off to the side, an area was set up for picture-taking.

“It was a lot of fun getting ready and taking pictures with friends before prom as well as dancing and talking to people at the event,” junior Sarah Ortlip-Sommers said. “Seeing everyone dressed up was wonderful, and everyone looked beautiful.”

Following hours of dancing and socializing, there was a pause in the festivities to hear the nominations for Prom King and Queen, chosen by all the adults present at the event.

The four boys nominated were Jeremy Alley-Tarter, Malik Johnson, Tony Breth, and Matt Fielding. The four girls were Alex Clark, Haven Huck, Isabel Smith, and Mary Ollen. The eight formed the prom council. After a half-hour of relaxed voting, Matt Fielding was selected as King and Mary Ollen as Queen.

As the night drew to a close, prom-goers received gift bags from the Youth Task Force and prom-labeled towels in keeping with the beach theme. Most of those who attended left happy and pleased.

“Overall, prom was a lot of fun,” said Sarah. “All the preparations by the prom committee really paid off as it was a great event. Students spent so much time and money preparing for prom, and it was worth it. I will keep the memories from before, during, and after prom with me for a long time.”

Galen Mayhew of Chilmark is a junior at Martha’s Regional High School.