‘The Vineyard’ is a TV turn-off for many

Patrons of the Sand Bar watch "The Vineyard" premier. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The first installment of “The Vineyard,” described as a “docu-soap” by its producers, aired last night on the ABC Family channel, and the reaction of real Vineyarders falls somewhere between a yawn and outrage.

The show, which depicts a mix of local residents and “wash-ashores” living together and working at The Black Dog Tavern for the summer, drew mostly negative reaction from social media commenters, including those who posted their opinions on the Times Facebook page.

“I turned it off about halfway through,” one commenter wrote. “No real surprises but it was interesting to see familiar sites.”

“I’m hoping it’ll get better!” wrote another. “Don’t want people thinking that’s how the Island really is!”

“Like a car wreck, you can’t help but keep watching though your brain is telling you to look away,” wrote another.

Others were far less charitable, but a few liked the program.

“It was cool to see the people from the island do well on the show,” wrote one viewer.

Two cast members, Cat Todd and Ben Rossi, are Vineyard natives.

Public viewing parties at the Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company and the Sand Bar, both in Oak Bluffs, were sparsely attended.

The program airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm on Comcast channels 42 and 784 HD.