Oak Bluffs traffic stop leads to cocaine charges

Oak Bluffs traffic stop leads to cocaine charges

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Sabrina Luening had these baggies filled with cocaine in her pants when she was stopped for driving a car without an inspection sticker. — Photo courtesy of Oak Bluffs Police Department

Oak Bluffs police arrested Sabrina Luening, 41, of Edgartown Saturday for possessing cocaine with intent to sell, following a traffic stop that began when a police officer saw her driving a vehicle without a valid inspection sticker.

Just before midnight Saturday, Oak Bluffs Police Officer Timothy Millerick recognized Ms. Luening as the driver of a 2000 GMC Yukon. In his police report, Officer Millerick said he knew that Ms. Luening had a suspended license.

During a search of her vehicle, police discovered a white powder resembling cocaine in the rear pocket of her front seat. Ms. Luening was arrested and taken to the Dukes County Jail, where a search of her person revealed 17 individually wrapped baggies of cocaine tucked into her pants, according to the police report.

Ms. Luening was booked on possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, operating a motor vehicle after license suspension, and failure to inspect a motor vehicle. She was later released on bail.


  1. Good job. With all the recent drug arrests the evidence locker must look like a cartel warehouse.

  2. Innocent until proven guilty.

    And good journalists usually use the word “allegedly” at least once or twice when outlining police charges against somebody. This story makes it seem too certain for a case that hasn’t even begun to be prosecuted.

    1. Did you not see the above photo as well as story? Search at jail, hmmmm…I dont know about you, but when I drop my drawers, all that individually wrapped ready for sale cocaine doesn’t fall out of MY pants…… Some things you just can’t make excuses for. does not look too alleged to me…..

      1. “Allegedly” is still required until a conviction is made plain-dude. At least thats what I learned in journalism school.

  3. This has been going on for years!!!!! No one will do time as usual!!!! Just a snitch away from doing it again…the police know who is doing what and they have for years…..just trying to get the big fish from the little fish, and taking too long as far as I’m concerned. Look at all of the drug dealers that are still on the island and being “inconspicuous”.