Workout of the week: bodyART

Workout of the week: bodyART

Aida Palau, bodyArt "ambassador" visited the Mansion House in Vineyard Haven to teach classes.

Do all great (and all weird) American trends begin with “it’s all the rage in Europe?”

bodyART, a new exercise program created by Swiss physical therapist Robert Steinbacher, swept Europe before coming to the Mansion House Health Club in Vineyard Haven late last year.

I had the privilege to try bodyART on a special weekend of classes with guest trainer Aida Palau, a bodyART “ambassador” from Barcelona. Ms. Palau was fun, attentive, and remarkably unintimidating. No fancy European workout garb, just baggy sweatpants and tee-shirt. But she did have washboard abs that convinced me bodyART might in fact change bodies into works of art. It only took a few minutes to see why: the moves were challenging, even for daily exercisers and frequent yoga-goers.

The flow took us through everything from downward dogs, to squats, to a move where we swung our arms from side to side resembling Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. By the end, the balance-testing moves had me teetering on tired legs, and sweating on par with an intermediate cardio workout. Overall, it achieved the exercise trifecta of full body cardio, strength-training, and stretching, all within an hour.

bodyART is offered at the Mansion House on Fridays at 9:30 am with Brenda Wallis, who was trained and certified in bodyARTby Robert Steinbacher. Call 800-332-4112 or visit for more information.