Corporate gangsters


To the Editor:

Bush and Cheney are corporate gangsters. They piloted government domestic and foreign policy for the benefit of corporations. They killed more Americans than the 9/11 terrorists, in a bogus war in Iraq in order to rape the treasury for Halliburton et al, and to drive the citizens of the USA into paying massive interest payments to the wealthy for the now astronomical national debt.

They emasculated regulatory agencies for corporate gain, making a mockery of OSHA, the FDA, and the EPA, to the point that citizens have had to sue those agencies to do their jobs. Their similar “free market” lack of regulatory oversight allowed the subprime mortgage meltdown with junk loans being packaged as investment vehicles sold on to the unwitting, and the credit crisis with lack of oversight of credit card lending practices.

Imagine if President Bush had managed to put a privatized Social Security system into the hands of Wall Street, as he pushed so hard for in 2005 – it would now have been catastrophic for millions too old or sick to work. Thank a deity for that – or the Democrats that stopped him.

Bush and Cheney are the face of evil which comes with a smile and an affable wave of the hand couched in jingoistic jargon to snowball the masses by appealing to their gut and avoiding their intellect. They will now retire to their ill gotten gains while we have to pay for their extra protection needed from an angry public, many of whom will be suffering from the Bush consequences until they are dead.

I am disappointed with Congress for not pursuing the wrongdoings of the Bush administration. Why does the mass media consistently avoid the corporate gangsterism of the Bush White House? Will we hold hearings into their criminal manipulation of government policy for corporate gain? Obama talks of “moving forward,” meaning he does not want to prosecute.

Whatever the outcome of this, I’m certain we are always going to get the democracy we deserve.

Lloyd Petruzzell