As I write, Sarah and Ali Flanders sit on the ferry bound for home. They sip down a bowl of hot boat chowder, a Flanders girls’ tradition, and look forward to what is now the start of their summer. Freshman year at the College of Charleston was a good one for Sarah. Ali returns from Susquehanna ready to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. The Flanders girls are happy to be home.

Lizzie Willette arrives this weekend after finishing the spring semester at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. We all look forward to having her smiling face at the Texaco again this summer.

Also back at home in Menemsha are the Mary Sea and Lauren C. The vessels belonging to Jonathan Boyd and Scott McDowell are docked in their slips awaiting charter passengers. Lauren C looks shiny and new after the restoration work that needed to take place after she sustained considerable heat damage in a boatyard fire.

The Bite will be sliding open its door for business next weekend. The Galley will follow suit and the Home Port will be right behind kicking off its season with the Martha’s Vineyard Commercial Fishermen’s Association dinner meeting on May 26. Thursday, May 27, will be its first evening open to the public. Don’t forget they will be open for brunch on Sundays with the first batch of Johnny’s donuts ready for consumption on May 30. Both the Beach Plum and Menemsha Inn open on May 21. General Manager Dennis Barquinero will gladly be joined by his wife Tracy, daughter, Kathryn, and dog, Roy.

Belated birthday wishes to Andy Goldman, who celebrated his 75th this past weekend. Under the canopy of the tent raised overlooking Menemsha, Andy’s weekend-long celebration was filled with family and friends who joined them, swooping in from all over the country.

Congratulations to proud first time grandparents, Lois and Greg Mayhew. Beautiful baby girl Mariah was born to their daughter Katie, and Derek Christianson. Mariah came very close to celebrating her birthday with her aunt Gwen who turned 23 on May 11. Happy birthday to you both.

Birthday wishes to Bret Stearns, Sheila Price, and a beautiful almost five-year-old, Ella Keene.

The Chilmark Tavern softly (sounds like a strange word to use but I cannot describe the event as quiet) opened its doors to a group of friends and neighbors last Wednesday. Louise and Paul Petersiel, this year’s management duo, share of themselves and the food knowledge they have acquired at their hot spot in Swampscott known as the Red Rock Bistro. Thank you to Paul for graciously providing an opportunity for my daughter, Bradley, to have an evening of fine dining and a date with her dad. The Tavern will be open for dinner from 5:30 to 10 pm Tuesday through Sunday. They will be closed on Mondays until Memorial Day, at which point they will also add a Sunday brunch to the list of offerings.

Karen Ogden will present Positive Rewards Dog Training next Wednesday, May 19, at 5:30 pm at the Chilmark Public Library. Karen will demonstrate her techniques with her dog at the library. Admission to this lecture/demonstration is free and is generously sponsored by the Friends of the Chilmark Public Library. If you have questions, please call the library at 508-645-3360.

Todd Christy, along with daughters Adrienne and Eloise, ventured to Yakima, Wash., to visit with Todd’s family, where they celebrated Todd’s mother’s 80th birthday.

The Chilmark School PTO will host its childrens’ clothing swap this Saturday, May 15, from 10 am to 1 pm on the lawn of the Community Center. Bring your gently used kids’ clothes and exchange them for the next size up, or simply stop by and free shop for your kids. The PTO welcomes anyone to join in the shopping fun. You can email me for details.

In just a few short days, Sue Larsen will head off to Boston, tie her shoelaces, and start walking. She will walk for two days and cover nearly 40 miles. It was a commitment she made some months ago when she set out to fight her personal battle against breast cancer. Sue will walk not only for herself but for those who are battling the disease and so that future generations may have a cure. Our neighbor Sue once had an aversion to exercise. She now thrives on it and has logged over 750 miles in preparation for this weekend’s Avon Walk. Her last big push was MV Goes Pink this past weekend, which she proudly walked with daughter Abigail and friend Cathy Thompson. Our town is full of women with dedication and perseverance. Sue, you will be foremost in my thoughts this weekend. I cannot wait to hear about your quest for the cure when you return.