Great, but make the signs smaller


To the Editor:

Downtown Oak Bluffs looks beautiful. It will be enhanced even more when the freshly painted street fades a bit. I commend all involved. They have brought great beauty as well as practicality to our lovely town. My only gripe is the oversized crosswalk signs. I can only wonder why they would put up signs so large that it makes our beautiful town look like a city street, cluttered with not one, but two — one on each side of the street. I am sure it is by law, but I would hope after seeing what an eyesore it is to the new beautification of the community that they would change the signs to the smaller ones like they have in front of Nancy’s.I hope more people speak up about this. It’s a shame that tourists and residents have their roads overshadowed by these signs.

Jill Woollacott

Oak Bluffs