Tonight is the night our eighth-grade students who have attended the West Tisbury School will promenade and take on the task of becoming high school freshman. Samantha Bunker, Jessica Campbell, Mariah Campbell, Bradley Carroll, Bo Hurwitz, Thorpe Karabes, Janelle Larsen, Galen Mayhew, Alistair Morgan, and Lexi Willett are the Chilmark kids who will be celebrating in great style this evening at the Agricultural Hall. They have just returned to us from a remarkable exchange experience in England and somehow, as if overnight, have evolved into lovely young adults.

Tomorrow, the fifth graders at the Chilmark School will have their moment to shine as they graduate and become middle school students. Jared Bardwell, Max Eber, Adelaide Keene, Olivia Knight, Christopher Mayhew, Mary McCarthy, Brahmin Thurber, Pearl Vercruysse, and David Webster will render their places as fifth graders and leave the spots to Gabe Ambulos, Gabe Bellebuono, Rachaya Lane, Coltrane Leport, Maggie Mayhew, and Ned Smiley.

If you missed the Chilmark School theater performance last week, you really must find yourself a child and ask them to tell you about it. They worked long and hard with IMPer Donna Swift. The K/1 did a short play based on Doctor Seuss. The 2/3 performed a witty excerpt from Romeo and Juliet. Finally, the 4/5 rounded out the evening with a performance called Thirteen Colonies. There were moments where the audience was nearly rolling on the floor in laughter to moments where tears welled up in response to such strong emotion. Bravo to all the kids and kudos to Donna for a fantastic production. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the theater program will continue at the school next year.

The School Advisory Council has two new community members. Heartfelt thanks go out to Judy Flanders and Linda McCarthy for stepping up and taking on the task. It is greatly appreciated.

It is a big birthday week around town. If you see the following people out and about be sure to wish them a happy happy: Adam Goldman, Sarah Doyle, Pam Bunker, Rena Fischer, June Tabor, Marguerite Cottle, Maeve Cook-Martin, Sophie Petkus, and Imogen Taylor. Rena celebrated her 95th with her family and various K-9 family members gathered around the picnic table in the backyard. A gingham tablecloth draped over the table with a potluck assortment of goodies is the best way to celebrate. Round the event out with cake and ice cream and the group is certain to sleep well that night.

This Saturday, June 19, from 10 am-12 noon, the Chilmark Church will host its annual Children’s Fair. The event is geared towards young children. Stop by for some old-fashioned games, pony rides, cupcake decorating (and eating), face painting, and more. Although the event is free, donations are always welcome.

Now I have an answer to the question regarding lobster roll phone orders at the church. Yes, you can phone in an order starting at 3 pm to 508-645-3100. The $13 lobster rolls come with a bag of chips and your choice of lemonade or iced tea. For an additional $1 you can pick up a chocolate chip cookie. Tuesdays from 4 pm to 7 pm is the time to grab a yummy dinner to go. Don’t forget, starting tonight, the Vineyard Sound a cappella group will take center stage at the Chilmark Church at 8 pm. They will continue to appear here throughout the summer.

Billie Hancock is back at the Crick. She arrived last week after taking a week to travel north from her home in Ponte Vedra, Fla., with long-time friend Nancy Amonette. They explored the east coast, stopping at many sights along the way. Nag’s Head, North Carolina was one of the most noteworthy. Billie will be one of the volunteers at the Children’s Fair, so stop by and catch a glimpse of her while she is in town.

With fluke season off to a good start and Alec Gale’s buy boat just down the dock from the Texaco, Brooks’s touch tank has acquired a wonderful assortment of sea creatures donated by the dragger men. The guys have made a special effort to gather a few things along the way to share with the tank and the kids. We have seen skates, sea ravens, starfish, pipe fish, crabs, eels and more. The tank has been one of the highlights of Addison Goldman’s visit to her grandparent’s Menemsha home. She has visited the tank with Susan and Andy Goldman a few times, indulging in ice cream or Popsicles during most of those visits. Addison is here with her mom, dad, and brother, Chase.

Wednesday, June 30, at 9 am marks the opening day for the 43rd Annual Chilmark Flea Market. Once again, this Chilmark tradition is sponsored by the Chilmark Community Church. Held Wednesdays and Saturdays during the months of July and August, it can be found at the Jenkinson’s field on North Road at the halfway point between State Road West Tisbury and Menemsha Cross Road.