How can people judge how the art will look in their homes?


Michael Hunter, owner, PIKNIK Art and Apparel: I offer two different environments: the rather austere studio annex, and the inside gallery where the art is displayed among clothing, accessories, and art-to-wear-jewelry. Intermixing art with other things shows people how it will look in a living space so they can discern what speaks to them. Of course, I’m willing to make house calls, and provide a 48-hour test trial for the larger pieces.

Carol Craven, owner, Carol Craven Gallery: In the first place, most serious collectors buy from artists or galleries they trust. I often encourage them to take the painting home overnight and if it doesn’t work, they bring it back. The beauty of my new gallery is that it is a house, so you can see how a painting looks with furnishings or hanging over a fireplace mantle.