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Creative living award nominees sought

The Permanent Endowment Fund for Martha's Vineyard is accepting nominations for the 2010 Creative Living Award.

A peak into The Yard’s 2010 season

For most of its 40-year existence, The Yard in Chilmark has been dedicated to dance with a two-fold agenda: fostering national talent in the world of dance through residencies, and bringing world class original performances to Island audiences.


Today marks the beginning of summer vacation for our local school children.

Where to find party supplies on the Vineyard

Summer on the Vineyard brings lots of activities, extended family members, friends, and loads of parties.

Creative accidents in handblown glass

At Martha's Vineyard Glassworks, glassblowers work in full view of visitors.

County budget rises little, but towns pay more

Dukes County commissioners voted to recommend to the county advisory board a $1.


In a story called "Any rare bees around?" in the June 17 Times, the date of the first training session is incorrect.

Bloomsday: Rejoicing in Joyce at the Katharine Cornell

On Wednesday last week, this year's edition of Arts & Society's Bloomsday celebration at the Katharine Cornell Theatre was a delightful 90 minutes of Irish music, history, whimsy, laughter, and serious dramatic renderings of the words of the exuberant, sensual, brilliant, and sometimes-difficult-to-understand Irish writer James Joyce (1882-1941).

“Blessed Is the Match”

Most Americans knows who Anne Frank is, but hardly anyone outside Israel has heard of Hannah Senesh (Szenes), the Hungarian Jewish patriot who died in the effort to rescue her native country from Nazism.

Great fishing is often a matter of the right attitude

Been fishin' yet? It is a common question on the Vineyard, if people suspect you are a member of the Island's large fishing fraternity.

David O’Docherty, Irish artist, dies while swimming in Katama Bay

David O'Docherty, 75, of Lynn died Saturday morning while swimming in Katama Bay in Edgartown.

Summer arts workshops: Paint, shoot, create

Photographers Louisa Gould, Peter Simon, and Alison Shaw, along with a host of other well known artists and writers, will share their expertise this summer and fall in a series of creative arts workshops on the Island.

Doing the right thing

To the man driving a white van on Martin Road in Vineyard Haven on Wednesday night, the one who came back to find us after accidentally hitting our gray and white cat, Buddy, who crossed the road right into his wheels: thank you so much for taking the time to come back.

George W. Maury Jr.

A military burial service for George W.

Fashion show at Il Tesoro

Il Tesoro at the Terrace in Edgartown introduced their summer lunch menu to a crowd this past Monday, June 21, in collaboration with a fashion show with In the Pink, a Lilly Pulitzer signature store.

How can people judge how the art will look in their homes?

Michael Hunter, owner, PIKNIK Art and Apparel: I offer two different environments: the rather austere studio annex, and the inside gallery where the art is displayed among clothing, accessories, and art-to-wear-jewelry.

Blowin’ in the wind turbine: farms assess wind power

Wind power is about to get bigger on Martha's Vineyard, both in the number of operating turbines, and the size of structures themselves.

Fisherman ties an elegant knot at Vineyard wedding

There are people who like to fish, and there are fishermen.

Standing Room Only at Davis House Gallery

It was a cloudless summer day and like all good farmers Allen Whiting was conscious of the old idiom and out making hay while the sun shines.