Community wind instead


To the Editor:

I just don’t feel comfortable that any planning agency on this Island has the comprehension or rules in place to handle the potential for the proliferation of hundreds of steel towers that may be constructed on this Island in the coming years.

Absolutely and unquestionably wind energy must and should be harnessed. But as the Martha’s Vineyard Commission preamble says, we must weigh the benefits to the detriments. The benefit of a single private tower, that will only supply a percentage energy needs of one family needs to be questioned. The detriment could be noise for a whole community and visual impact to thousands. Not one planning agency or wind regulation on this Island even considers what happens 10 years from now; if the wind turbine becomes obsolete, who will remove the rusting towers?

There should be a trained subcommittee of the MVC, that is empowered with the task of determining the benefits or detriments of each wind tower. Right now there is no MVC review. The Island is about to install hundreds of tall steel towers, without any regional review, subject to only local regulations.

I think Vineyard Power ( might have the solution. An offshore wind farm that benefits all member Vineyard residents, but without the need of any towers here on the Vineyard.

Community wind is the answer, not hundreds or thousands of privately owned steel towers.

Paul Adler
West Tisbury